Your Trusted Source for Egg Artistry Supplies

Your Trusted Source for Egg Artistry Supplies

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To: The Golden Egg Customers,

Due to economic circumstances beyond our control, including the rise in precious metal prices, customers of The Golden Egg of Idaho may see an increase in the cost of products offered.

Please review our printed pricing policy, which states:

"Prices are subject to change without notice. We always do our best to offer the best price on our merchandise, however, several factors such as the U.S. dollar, metal fees (gold, silver), shipping fees, etc. can change the cost of merchandise on a daily basis. We are always looking to offer the best prices to our customers – if we can find it at a lower price, we will pass those savings on to you."

Our website is updated periodically but may not reflect current prices. If you would like to verify pricing, please contact us.